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The Journey

It’s been a long journey in a short time. I started Tabor Made about a year and a half ago and nothing ever goes as planned. In the years before Tabor Made even had a name, I worked at a mens boutique heading buying and brand direction — but even with that knowledge of what a brand was like, Tabor Made came into existence completely unprepared.

As a buyer I had a nitpicking eye that nothing was really ever good enough for, so I wanted to create something that would meet my expectations and everyone elses. I wanted people to get what they pay for in quality and construction. The idea was create premium high quality apparel at a fair price compared other brands in the contemporary market. That sounds a bit like business speak, but what it boils down to is that I want people to get real value out of what they’re paying for.

In the past year and a half I’ve put myself through a crash course in finding the best materials, fits and skilled people to take those things and construct them into garments. It’s been a difficult road to give people the most value for their money, because most brands aren’t constructed that way. There’s been a lot of missteps, setbacks and learning in that time, but I’m happy Tabor Made will finally be inline with why I started it.

This Friday, at our pop-up with Portland’s Machus (and next week online), Tabor Made will drop its strongest collection yet. It’s an detailed and athletic take on summer. Our Favorite top from spring — the Warner — is back in an updated fit with the best materials we could find. Along with the Warner are two new silhouettes, the Matteson Racer and the Bowman short. Each of these mixes Tabor Made detailing with the best things about summer — ease and lack of pretension. The Matteson Racer takes cues from one of my favorite track singlets to create the perfect summer tank or fall layering piece. The Bowman short is my personal favorite garment Tabor Made has brought out. It takes the idea of a high-end premium sweat short and mixes it with a fit that you aren’t seeing right now in contemporary menswear. It’s detail laden, comfortable and fits slightly closer to a soccer short (yes, you can size up for a baggier fit — but I don’t think you’ll want to).

Over the next few days we’ll have some sneak peaks at the new line building up to our pop-up. If you’re in Portland, join us at Machus. It’s been a long journey.


— Ira