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The Iconic Cap


Growing up as a Portland kid, every big city had their iconic cap, and I was jealous. New York had the Yankee cap, LA had the Dodgers, but Portland didn't (I halfway blame the lack of a Portland cap on the Blazer logo being two colors, but that's another story). Half of what makes those caps so iconic is the simplicity in their design, but the other half is the emotion they evoke. It transcends the pinstripes and Polo Grounds they were intended for, but still isn't really contained by a phrases like civic pride or spirit.

When we started designing the PDX cap, I looked at it like we were designing Portland's cap. So I thought about what that would look like and what would capture that spirit. We went with something that was a bit understated, a little forward and one color that kept it timeless and easy to wear. It's been on my head ever since.

View the PDX cap here.

-- Ira