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The Terry Loop Warner Short Sleeve

We just wanted the perfect winter short sleeve, and that wasn't an easy thing to find.

It needed to be a top that combined the simplicity of a t-shirt with something a bit more substantial -- something that would make you want to live in it day-in and day-out. Terry loop is normally reserved for sweatshirts, so we set out to find the lightest and thinnest version of it that still some girth and bit of warmth to it. It turns out that that's no easy task. Most versions of terry loop couldn't fit the bill, they were too light or breezy for a spring morning. One did though, and the result is our uncompromising cross between a heavyweight top and a lightweight sweatshirt -- the perfect cozy balance.

The Warner short sleeve makes its 2015 return on Thursday, January 29th (9 am PST) in terry loop. Available in heather grey and black.


Photography: Wyatt Coxen

Model: Adam Daniel